A Versatile Electrode for Aluminium and its Alloys.

PROPERTIES For welding wrought and cast aluminium and alloys containing approximately 2.0% magnesium. Deposits an aluminium alloy containing approximately 10% silicon. Deposits are dense with a stable arc and fast deposition.

MECHANICALPROPERTIES T ensile strength : 22 kg / mm      Elongation: 3%

APPLICATIONS Electric welding of most of the aluminium and aluminium alloys. Joints arc stronger than the base metal. Suitable for repairing cracks, filling holes and building up of missing sections. A versatile electrode for repairing of all parts made of aluminium or any of its alloys. Used for repair of engine blocks, housings, pumps, tanks, moulds, pistons, fans, frames, road transport vehicles, railway coach bodies, marine craft fittings, desalination plants, dairies, breweries, architectural engineering, parts where anodisation or electro plating are required.


3.25mmx 350mm080 - 130 Amps
4.00mmx 350mm120 - 180 Amps


3.15 mm x 350 mm 5 kg65 pcs/kg (Approx.)
4.00 mm x 350 mm 5 kg45 pcs/kg (Approx.)